New Music Tuesday

To most people, Tuesday is just a roadblock on the way to the weekend, but to me it is the happiest day of the work week.  NEW MUSIC.  This Tuesday was more exciting than most. Some of my favorite artists had new albums that came out today: Miranda Lambert, Idina Menzel, and many more.

  • Lucy Hale made her country debut this week and it is great! I am usually skeptical when people try to be both singers and actors, but she pulls it off.  It is a great country album and speaks to anyone who is growing up.
  • I am maybe the biggest Miranda Lambert fan (not in a creepy way), but this album leaves me wanting more.  It is great, don’t get me wrong, but I want angry Miranda back.  She writes and performs some of the best F*ck you songs and I miss that.
  • Last fall, I saw the musical If/Then in DC. I fell in love with the music, story, and characters. I mean who wouldn’t it is Idina Menzel and Anthony Rapp.  Since then, I have counted down the days until the recording and today was the day.  If you are in NYC, go see it. That is an order!

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