Today in Music History — July 22

1968 : The Jackson 5 take a trip from their home in Gary, Indiana, to Detroit, where they audition for Motown Records. Their audition is taped and sent to Berry Gordy in Los Angeles, who quickly signs the act.

1979 : Iran’s new leader, the Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, bans rock and roll as a corruptive influence on the people, a decision that eventually inspires both the graphic novel Perseopolis and the Clash song Rock The Casbah.

1999 : Woodstock 99 kicked off. Woodstock ’99 was marred by violence, rape, and fires, bringing the festival to an abrupt end. The last day of Woodstock ’99 has even been referred to as “The day the music died.”

2001 : Three years after the death of first wife Linda, Paul McCartney gets engaged to former model and activist Heather Mills, who he met at a charity event in 1999. The marriage lasts four years and produces Beatrice Milly McCartney and a large settlement for Mills.

2010 : Kings of Leon have a strange encounter during a show in St. Louis when just a few songs into their set, they abruptly leave the stage, complaining about a flurry of bird poop coming from a flock of pigeons chilling in the rafters. The band never returns, and a full refund is made available to all concertgoers.

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