One Direction Debuts ‘Steal My Girl’

One Direction just dropped their brand new single “Steal My Girl” and we’ve got your first listen!

The guys are  releasing their new album Four in November.

The boys spoke to Billboard at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas over about their latest material.

“There are definitely some tunes that tie into that ‘Story Of My Life’ kind of sound,” Zayn Malik said. “We tried to keep what is our sound, but just kind of grow with it as we’ve obviously grown up. We’ve grown a bit more facial hair. And our lyrics need to get a little older as well. So we just kind of want to grow with our fanbase.”

“Some of the songs have got a classic, natural, quite simple [sound to] some of it,” Louis Tomlinson then added. “Not too over-produced.”

Check out the song below and lyrics inside!

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