This Day in Music History — October 3

1965 : Johnny Cash is stopped by US Customs officials at the Mexican border on suspicion of heroin smuggling and found to be holding over 1,000 prescription narcotics and amphetamines. He receives a suspended sentence.

1969 : Gwen Stefani was born.

1992 : Sinead O’Connor, who is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, tears up a photo of Pope John Paul II, saying, “Fight the real enemy.” She is banned from the show and later becomes a priest, although the Catholic church does not recognize her Order.

2001 : Keith Urban goes home to Australia to accept a special Aria Award – roughly the equivalent to a Grammy in the U.S. Urban receives the Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of sales and chart success in the U.S.

2004 : VH1 holds its first Hip Hop Honors, giving awards to DJ Hollywood, DJ Kool Herc,KRS-One, Public Enemy (who also perform), Rock Steady Crew, Run-DMC, Tupac and Sugarhill Gang.

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