Hear New Foo Fighters Song Snippets in This ‘Sonic Highways’ Trailer

From Spin.com

HBO Go subscribers can get an early taste of the band’s new project

Foo Fighters, Sonic Highways, New Songs, HBO Trailer

The Foo Fighters are in the rare position for a rock band of not only having a new album to promote, but a new HBO TV series about that new album as well. The band kills two birds with one stone in the recent Sonic Highways trailer available to watch on HBO Go (sorry, non-cable people) in which the band talks about their new LP while also previewing parts of two tracks from it, “Something From Nothing” and “The Feast and the Famine.” It’s not enough to get too critical an impression of the songs, but they still sound very much like the Foo Fighters, so it’s enough to be assured they didn’t go full go-go while in DC or anything.

There’s also plenty of other info dilvulged about the new album, including the fact that lyrics from it will largely be culled from conversations singer Dave Grohl and the band have with various musical heroes of the cities visited (“If you go to Seattle, you have to talk to someone from Heart. If you go to Nashville, you have to talk to Dolly [Parton]…”). Grohl even went as far as to say that when listening to the final songs, “You’ll recognize all of these references from stories you’ve heard in the last hour.” So expect the end of every episode to be a lot like watching the final scene of The Usual Suspects.

Sonic Highways the TV show starts on HBO October 17th, while Sonic Highways the album will follow on RCA on November 10.

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