This Day in Music History — October 15

1964 : Composer/songwriter Cole Porter dies of kidney failure in Santa Monica, California. He had suffered with chronic pain since the late-’30s when he was severely injured in a horseback-riding accident, leading to years of operations and an eventual amputation of his right leg.

1973 : Having experienced respiratory problems for the past four days, Elvis Presley is admitted for two weeks to Memphis’ Baptist Memorial Hospital with what is termed “pneumonia.” Dr. George Nichopoulos, Elvis’s personal physician, discovers his patient’s addiction to Demerol.

1976 : Ike & Tina Turner officially dissolve their musical partnership.

1992 : Madonna holds a “Sex” party to promote her upcoming book Sex. Held at Industria Superstudio in Manhattan, Madonna shows up dressed like Little Bo Peep and carrying a stuffed lamb.

2006 : The final concert is performed at the famous and celebrated Manhattan music club CBGB, courtesy of Patti Smith. The club closes after an extended dispute between club owner Hilly Kristal and the Bowery Residents Committee, which tried to charge Kristal $19,000 in alleged back rent. New York commerce, over the protest of tearful rock fans who hoped to have the building preserved as a historical landmark, is heedless of the sentimental value as a men’s clothing store moves in and throws out practically everything associated with the former music club.

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