Happy 37th Birthday John Mayer

Fun Facts about JM:

  1. At 8, John Mayer was inspired to take up the guitar after watching Michael J. Fox play “Johnny B. Goode” in Back to the Future.
  2. After high school graduation, John Mayer spent 15 months working as a full-service gas station attendant for $7 an hour. “My mission at the Mobil station was to become the best squeegee in the land,” he told In Style. “One full swipe, corner to corner. I never let a single drop of liquid remain.” He used the cash to buy a 1996 Stevie Ray Vaughn signature Stratocaster – one he still uses to this day.
  3. John Mayer admits to one quirky pastime: vacuuming. “I just love to see an array of dust and bits of paper…go from being there to disappearing with one stroke,” he told Newsweek.
  4. John Mayer collects pricey timepieces. “I must have 40 or 50,” he told In Style. “A man’s got two shots for jewelry: a wedding ring and a watch. The watch is a lot easier to get on and off than a wedding ring.”
  5. John Mayer’s first celebrity crush? Paula Abdul. “You could play ‘Straight Up’ for me and I would probably have a Pavlovian response to it,” he said in 2006. “I see her on American Idol today and I think she’s smoking.”


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