Report: Kanye West Turned Down Becoming Las Vegas’s Highest-Paid Star

File this under: What the heck was he thinking?

Britney Spears and Celine Dion have made MEGA bank in Las Vegas. Kanye West reportedly could’ve done the same, but, according to TMZ, said “no thanks.”

The proposed residency for Kanye at Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theater was brief and would have made him the highest paid resident performer.  The proposed offer was three weeks, three shows per week, one $4.5 million paycheck, which makes it $500,000 per show. Britney’s is making about $475,000 per show, and Celine Dion’s is $476,000 per show.

Just last week, word came in that Jennifer Lopez was also in negotiations for 72 shows, or 24 weeks of three performances a week. The report said J.Lo’s salary would be in the $350,000-per-show range.

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