Lady Antebellum Drops Freestyle Video

Lady Antebellum’s latest single is Freestyle.   This is defintley the most fun and fast paced songs on the new album, 747.  The lyrics of this song has so many cultural references.  Watch the video below then click read more to see a list of every reference (thanks to

Every Reference in Lady Antebellum’s “Freestyle”:

Chevy van (Hopefully, one of those with the ladder on the back.


Cherry Classic Coke
Fleetwood Mac
Macklemore (Do they wear their grandpas clothes, too?)


Tire swing

Blue jeans

Rock ‘n’ Roll

“Throw your hands up.” (Possibly a nod to Beyonce?)




Matthew McConaughey (All right, all right, all right. “The Wedding Planner” has been on E! like, 12 times in a month.)


The Holy Spirit

White vinyl (Seats, not records.)

Bible Belt

The ABCs

Old school

Hula girl on the dashboard


“Counting Cars” (A show on the History Channel)

“Counting Stars” (The One Republic hit song, presumably.)

[OR just counting stars and counting cars to pass the time.]

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