Happy Birthday to Miranda Lambert the #BossBitch of Country Music

Haha my idol Miranda LambertToday is Miranda’s 31st Birthday, so please enjoy this list of 31 Reasons Miranda is the #bossbitch of country music.

1.  She handles gossip and rumors with a sense of humor.

2.  She knows herself and knows what is best for her.  When she competed on Nashville Star  and placed third, she said  “I was hoping not to win. The winner had to go in right after the contest and make a record in a couple of weeks, and I wasn’t ready.”

3. She is a great body-image role model

Miranda Lambert wont apologize for being herself and neither should you (18 photos)

4. She is unapologetically southern

5. She is the most decorated Female at the Country Music Associate Awards. 


6.  Miranda loves animals! Her MuttNation Foundation supports animal adoption efforts around the country.

7. She sings real life lyrics.

8. She’s got ink.

9. She’s got a head for business.

Shoe Line

Pink Pistol Store

10. She has the best Halloween costumes

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We CAN do it! Happy Halloween!🍭

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11. Her Relationship with Blake is the coolest.  They are both so supportive of each other. 

12. At her May 14, 2011 wedding to Blake Shelton, Lambert wore her mother’s wedding dress and the 550 guests feasted on venison hunted by the happy couple.

13. She loves “guilty pleasure” TV as much as we do

Miranda admitted her love of Oxygen’s true crime series, Snapped, during a 2012 interview with Entertainment Weekly. Yes, the show that centers around wronged women taking matters into their own hands… with deadly results. The good news is the series is heading into its fourteenth season.

14. She hangs out with some really fierce women! 

15. She is the best gift giver!

16. She doesn’t compete with other female stars, she collaborates with them. 

17-31 are the most relatable Miranda Lyrics









Printable MIRANDA LAMBERT Airstream Song Lyrics by JaydotCreative


Quote by Miranda Lambert #sotrue #daddysgirl #country


www.foodnetworkinconcert.com I GOT A MOUTH LIKE A SALIOR AND YOURS IS MORE LIKE A HALL MARRRKKK CARD XD XD XD Only prettier :) <3


gunpowder and lead= miranda lambert


I love this song so much. Don't go to church regularly but I'm a true believer and I definitely think he'd understand a heart like mine.


I love this song, which is funny because I am the kind you take home to Mama.


Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood ~ Somethin' Bad


Miranda Lambert - kerosene


i'm hell on heels say what you will - Google Search


One of my favorite songs ♥

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