Bonobo Premieres New Song ‘Return to Air’

via Billboard


New York City-via-U.K. producer Bonobo, a.k.a. Simon Green, is as much of an instrumentalist as he is a producer. His lush tracks are just as likely to incorporate surging orchestral strings as they are synthesized pops and clicks, and the result is an alluring mix that draws crowds to both his live band shows and his DJ tours.

Coming off of an 18-month tour set to wrap Nov. 28, Green has prepared the three-song Flashlight EP. It’s less of a transition between 2013’s North Borders — and this year’s live accompaniment to that album’s tour — and his new album as it is a farewell.

“I made this in summer 2014 during some downtime between touring,” says Green of the final song, “Return to Air.” “This was the last track I made before leaving New York and packing my studio into storage. In a way, it’s the last page of that chapter before I settle again and start the next album.”

“Return to Air” is a classically elegant Bonobo track, both (fittingly) airy and crunchy with vocal snippets intermittently slinking out from somewhere within the roiling fog of his multi-textured sounds. Though it fits within the rest of his canon, the restless clinks and ticks in the very beginning sound like he’s testing out new material and seeing how well it settles.

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