Gwen Stefani Debuts “Spark The Fire” Video & Performs it on The Voice

“It’s a clash of this punk/rock, kind of old-school feeling… like club feeling with this really modern emoji world. It just looks really cool together,” Gwen explained in an interview with ABC News. The 45-year-old also opened up about her comeback. “All of a sudden I’m doing this record, which I definitely did not plan. That’s probably what I love the most about it — not knowing and being free.”

Gwen Stefani and Pharrell performed their new single “Spark The Fire” on “The Voice” on Monday. Check out the video below!

“Spark The Fire”  is hardly the first time Stefani and Pharrell have collaborated together. Pharrell has influenced both Stefani’s solo singer and group career, with the relationship dating back more than 10 years. Pharrell co-wrote the hit “Hella Good” with No Doubt, and worked with Stefani on chart-toppers like “Hollaback Girl.”

After the performance, Stefani officially debuted the “Spark The Fire” music video. Check out both clips below.



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