Watch Eric Church’s Video for ‘Talladega’

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Set up in a hospital room on his death bed, an old man’s life flashes before him in Eric Church‘s poignant new video for “Talladega,” which dropped today (Dec. 5).

A song that talks about the important things in life, the video strikes a similar chord.

As Church and his band are later seen performing on a racetrack, home video footage is shown of the man’s life from a kid blowing out birthday candles to making snow angels.

Church has been open about the song, saying that the song isn’t about NASCAR, it’s about moments in your life where you make a memory.

“It has nothing to do with that,” Church told of the song and its relation—or lack thereof—to auto racing. “That is nothing more than the avenue through which the commentary took place. It’s really about life. What you see on TV there has nothing to do really with racing. It’s about that experience, whatever that is: the experience with the person next to you, and knowing that that’s probably a finite time in your life. It’s not gonna last forever.”

Eric Church’s The Outsiders scored him a few nominations at this year’s GRAMMYs, including a nod for Best Country Album.

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