‘Orange Is The New Black’s’ Christmas Song — Watch Cast’s Hilarious New Video

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The cast of Orange Is The New Black, 56, led by Taylor Schilling, aka Piper, will surely spread so much cheer with their clever take on “The 12 Days of Christmas” — check it out!


It’s an instant Christmas classic! This new video, titled “Holidays at Litchfield,” shows Taylor, Natasha LyonneLaura PreponUzo AdubaLaverne CoxLea DeLaria, Selenis Leyva and more Orange Is the New Black stars singing about all of the finest things Christmas at Litchfield has to offer.

Kate Mulgrew‘s closing line kills us!

Here are the full lyrics:

“On my first day at Litchfield, my bunkmate gave to me

12 smokes for smoking

11 pipers piping

10 bitches cutting

9 ladies dancing

8 snitches snitching

7 pies a throwing

6 inmates laying

5 rounded things

4 stalking girls

3 ice cream cones

2 yogurt cups

a chicken in the yard.”

These are the perfect ingredients for a very Litchfield Christmas, don’t you think? We loved Selenis’ (aka Gloria) perfectly deadpan delivery of the “2 yogurt cups” line. And Crazy Eyes was right, she really did nail it. She sure can belt it out! But the best part about this is that we got to see all the inmates together again — we’ve really been missing them in our lives!

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