Marina and the Diamonds Unveils ‘Immortal’ Video

With the beginning of 2015, attention’s now turning to the release of Marina and the Diamonds’ new album, ‘FROOT’.

So far we’ve heard the record’s title-track, and a follow-up moody ballad in opening number ‘Happy’. Now Diamandis has unveiled ‘Immortal’, a gorgeous swansong that closes out the LP.

The track’s been unveiled alongside a new video, which sees Marina stepping in front of what looks to be old family archive footage from the Diamandis VHS collection. The London singer gets by on a chorus that grimly states “I’m forever chasing after time / but everybody dies, dies.”

‘FROOT’ is anticipated for April 6th , with a new “Froot of the month” set to be unveiled as the release approaches.

See the ‘FROOT’ tracklist

1. Happy
2. Froot
3. I’m A Ruin
4. Blue
5. Forget
6. Gold
7. Can’t Pin Me Down
8. Solitaire
9. Better Than That
10. Weeds
11. Savages

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