8 Times Hozier Slayed A Cover Song

1. He turned Ariana Grande’s poppy “Problem” into this beautiful, soulful ballad.

2. He absolutely nailed Amerie’s “1 Thing” as well.

It’s okay if you need to grab some tissues.

3. This soulful cover of James Carr’s “The Dark End of the Street” will make you sit and admire this talented Irish troubadour.

4. His cover of Arctic Monkeys’ “Do I Wanna Know” is simply incredible.

5. His beautiful cover of Led Zeppelin’ “Whole Lotta Love” will have your finger stuck on the repeat button.

6. This wonderful cover of Van Morrison’s “Sweet Thing” will make you fall in love with his voice all over again.

7. His cover of Fun’s “We Are Young” is mesmerizing.

8. And he showed his love for the blues when he sang Skip James’ “Illinois Blues.”

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