13 Amazing Covers Of Taylor Swift Songs

originally posted on  buzzfeed

So, earlier this week, Vance Joy did a beautiful cover of T-Swift’s “I Know Places”.

13 Amazing Covers Of Taylor Swift Songs

And, sure its amazing. But here are 13 more which are just as bangin’.

13 Amazing Covers Of Taylor Swift Songs

1. “I Knew You Were Trouble”- Jessie J

Jessie J slows down this Taylor song and makes it more of a ballad than a bop. Still great though.

2. “Shake It Off”- Jesse Will

Jesse has made it into an almost entirely new song, and it actually works. Plus, Tyalor tweeted about it.

3. “Blank Space”- Imagine Dragons

This chilled-out cover makes you want to lie down with a mojito (while you watch your lover’s house burn down).

4. “Red”- Fifth Harmony

This cover is eerily beautiful, especially during the chorus where all five girls are singing together.

5. “Sparks Fly” – Landon Austin

This country-pop cover is a little more upbeat that the original, and will just make you wanna get up and dance.

6. “Out of the Woods” – Chase Holfelder

This is an amazing cover, mainly because all the music comes from free iPhone apps.

7. “We Are Never Getting Back Together”- Hanson

Proving that they can do no wrong, Hanson did a perfect acoustic-pop cover of this banger.

8. “You Belong With Me”- Zayn Malik

Well he clearly hasn’t been singing this to the other 1D boys but it’s still a great cover.

13 Amazing Covers Of Taylor Swift Songs
Big Machine Records

9. “Wildest Dreams” by Alice Kristiansen

Alice sounds like an amazing fairy and this is the song that she’d sing to welcome you to her fairy meadow.

10. “Shake It Off”- Polka/Rock cover

Ok, this is probably one of the greatest things on the internet. It’s still Taylor’s vocals but with a backing of polka/heavy rock music.

11. “Style”- Massive Metal Covers

Ok, so Tay is usually the exact opposite of metal music, but this works surprisingly well!

13 Amazing Covers Of Taylor Swift Songs
Big Machine / Via fuckyesswift.tumblr.com

12. “Welcome To New York”- Danelle Sandoval

Unlike the song that we know and love, this is a totally stripped back version which is super chill.

13. “White Horse”- Sabrina Carpenter

This is by far the most adorable of all these covers, plus this girl went on to star in the Disney show Girl Meets World.

13 Amazing Covers Of Taylor Swift Songs

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