BuzzFeed’s 23 Of The Most Swoonworthy Love Songs From 2015

1. Ellie Goulding, “Love Me Like You Do

Ellie Goulding, "Love Me Like You Do"

Say what you will about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie — the soundtrack is great. Like, really, truly, Beyoncé-is-on-this-thing great! But, while most of the film’s music paints in ~shades of lust~, Ellie Goulding’s contribution, “Love Me Like You Do,” is pure bliss. Built like a cathedral of synths, the song is toweringly romantic and unapologetically sweet.

Swoonworthy lyric: “You’re the light, you’re the night / You’re the color of my blood / You’re the cure, you’re the pain / You’re the only thing I wanna touch”

2. Selena Gomez, “Good for You

Selena Gomez, "Good for You"

Selena Gomez transitioned into adult pop stardom this year with a whisper, not a shout. Literally. Her first post-Disney single — the hushed, R&B-inspired “Good for You” — is sung in a sexy, vowel-breaking whisper. The result is like pillow talk, only catchier.

Swoonworthy lyric: “Let me show you how proud I am to be yours / Leave this dress a mess on the floor / And still look good for you, good for you”

3. Fetty Wap, “My Way (feat. Monty)

Fetty Wap, "My Way (feat. Monty)"

On “My Way” time slows to a syrupy wooze as the rapper tries to impress the object of his affection with come-on after come-on. It’s equal parts charming and desperate. It’s charmingly desperate. There’s something about Fetty Wap’s Auto-Tuned warbling that sounds like the way infatuation feels — uncontrollable and ecstatic.

Swoonworthy lyric: “I spotted you, you had that glow / Watch me pull out all this dough / Take you where you want to go”

4. Carly Rae Jepsen, “Run Away With Me

Carly Rae Jepsen, "Run Away With Me"

Nobody crushes like Carly Rae Jepsen crushes. Fluttery feelings of romantic possibility take on cosmic shadings and become something grander in her hands. Three years ago, she made giving your phone number to a stranger sound fated on her bubblegum masterpiece, “Call Me Maybe,” and, this year, she’s imbued her best new song, “Run Away With Me,” a sax-inflected, end-of-the-night anthem, with a real sense of destiny.

Swoonworthy lyric: “Oh baby, take me to the feeling / I’ll be your sinner, in secret / When the lights go out / Run away with me”

5. 5 Seconds of Summer, “Vapor

5 Seconds of Summer, "Vapor"

Young love and teen angst collide on 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Vapor,” a pop-punk ballad about an intoxicatingly uncertain relationship. The track is full of drums, strings, and capital-F Feelings. The kind of big, bright, painful feelings that make adolescence feel so techno-colored and 5SOS so unbelievably popular.

Swoonworthy lyric: “I want to breathe you in like a vapor / I want to be the one you remember / I want to feel your love like the weather / All over me, all over me”

6. Blake Shelton, “Sangria

Blake Shelton, "Sangria"

Blake Shelton’s “Sangria” is a sexy song. A sexy country song. Country music doesn’t usually excel as “sexy,” but “Sangria” does. There’s some racy electric guitar and Shelton dials down his swagger to an intimate come-on as he sings lines like “Your skin is begging to be kissed by a little more than the sun” and “Only thing I want to do tonight is drink you like a Spanish wine.” It’s a buzzed Mexican honeymoon in song form.

Swoonworthy lyric: “Wrecking-ball dancing down the hallway / You’re holding your shoes, wearing my shades / We fall against the door / We fall into a wild, warm kiss”

7. Melanie Martinez, “Training Wheels

Melanie Martinez, "Training Wheels"

Don’t be fooled by the juvenile title: Melanie Martinez’s “Training Wheels” is loaded with grown-up ideas about love and trust. The 20-year-old pop singer quietly levels with her lover — “It’s not like I’m asking to be your wife / Wanna make you mine, but that’s hard to say” — over twinkly, music box–like production.

Swoonworthy lyric: “I love everything you do / When you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do / Wanna ride my bike with you / Fully undressed, no training wheels left for you”

8. Troye Sivan, “for him. (feat. Allday)

Troye Sivan, "for him. (feat. Allday)"

Is it any surprise that Troye Sivan’s songwriting made Taylor Swift lose her chill earlier this year? “For him.” is exactly the kind of diaristic love song that she loves (and is so good at). Bouncy, laid-back, and chock-full of super-specific details, “for him.” is, in a lot of ways, a downright Swiftian portrait of young love.

Swoonworthy lyric: “You don’t have to say I love you to say I love you / Forget all the shooting stars and all the silver moons / We’ve been making shades of purple out of red and blue”

9. Meek Mill, “All Eyes on You (feat. Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj)

Meek Mill, "All Eyes on You (feat. Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj)"

Look, I’m not gonna lie: Chris Brown almost ruins this song. It’s a testament to Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s chemistry that he doesn’t. Instead of being a certified mess, “All Eyes on You” is actually pretty romantic! It’s fun to listen to an actual, real-life couple trade verses about their actual, real-life relationship.

Swoonworthy lyric: “I got him in the back of that ‘bach, I think he catchin’ feelings / Now it’s all eyes on us, and this all lies on trust / And if them bitches wanna trip, tell ‘em they tour guides on us”

10. Jazmine Sullivan, “Let It Burn

Jazmine Sullivan, "Let It Burn"

If you lost your shit over Adele and her perfect voice this year, you should really make room in your playlists for Jazmine Sullivan. The chronically slept-on R&B singer has an equally impressive set of pipes and she really lets loose on “Let It Burn,” a velvety throwback jam that features some truly spectacular wailing and a ‘90s-era Babyface sample. All-consuming passion has never sounded cooler.

Swoonworthy lyric: “When it comes, you never wanna give it up / And, baby, I’m caught in the light and I ain’t gonna fight it / There’s no use in tryin’, I’m yours”

11. Pentatonix, “Rose Gold

Pentatonix, "Rose Gold"

While “Rose Gold” seems ridiculous on paper — it’s Haylor fanfiction, loaded with allusions to 1989 — the song is, in practice, a sparse, surprisingly mature bit of a cappella. The Petatonix have been subverting expectations all year and “Rose Gold” is no exception.

Swoonworthy lyric: “Like a myth, the story of our lives / Couldn’t fit in only black and white / If it’s true that legends never die / Me and you could stand the test of time”

12. Miguel, “Coffee (Fucking)

Miguel, "Coffee (Fucking)"

This is a song called “Coffee (Fucking)” from certified R&B sex god Miguel. What more could you want? What more could you possibly need? Assurances that the song lives up to its sexy and affectionate title? Well, OK, here they are: “Coffee (Fucking)” does, in fact, live up to its excellent title. It’s a sultry ode to nights when “pillow talk turns into sweet dreams” and “sweet dreams turns into fucking in the morning.” Would that we could all be so lucky!

Swoonworthy lyric: “I don’t wanna wake you / I just wanna watch you sleep / It’s the smell of your hair / And it’s the way that we feel / I’ve never felt comfortable like this”

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BuzzFeed’s 25 Great Pop Songs You May Have Already Missed In 2015

Alex Naidus / BuzzFeed

1. Shura, “2Shy”

The Deal: 23-year-old pop singer and songwriter from the UK with several killer singles already under her belt. A full album is expected this year and let’s hope so because everything she’s done so far has been sparkling and perfect.

Recommended if You Like: John Hughes movies, Sky Ferreira, Cyndi Lauper, firework sparklers

2. Tori Kelly, “Nobody Love”

The Deal: The mega talented 22-year-old singer-songwriter got some help from superproducer Max Martin on “Nobody Love,” which is always a good sign. She’s got an unstoppable voice, a huge following on YouTube and Vine, and will beeverywhere soon.

Recommended if You Like: Those horn stabs on Ariana Grande’s “Problem,” songs that go loud-quiet-loud, vocal acrobatics, dancing the backseats of cars

3. Maya Vik, “Y.M.D. (Young Michael Douglas)”

The Deal: Once voted “most beautiful woman in Norway,” Vik also plays bass and bass synthesizer, has a great Instagram, and even greater hair. “Y.M.D.” has production from untouchable electro-disco producer Lindstrom. Everyone wins.

Recommended if You Like: Synths that sound like neon lights, Robyn, Zima, Michael Douglas… when he was young

4. Phoebe Ryan, “Mine”

The Deal: Brand new on the scene (she has two songs and an R. Kelly/Miguel medley cover), Ryan says her “dream is to bring more indie-pop vibes to top 40 pop vibes.”

Recommended if You Like: Chrvches, green cotton candy, breathy vocals

5. Christine and the Queens, “iT”

The Deal: Already a thing in France, Christine and the Queens is actually just one woman — Parisian singer-songwriter Héloïse Letissier. Everyone from Lorde to Madonna to Mark Ronson have praised her sophisticated synth-pop.

Recommended if You Like: Lykke Li, being cautiously optimistic, women wearing tailored suits

6. LION BABE, “Jump Hi (feat. Childish Gambino)”

The Deal: A pop/R&B duo featuring Lucas Goodman and Jillian Hervey (Vanessa Williams’ daughter). They just have the one EP, but a full album is expected this year.

Recommended if You Like: The idea of Pharrell producing Erykah Badu, jump rope, fire hydrants as sprinklers

7. Iris, “I’ll Wait for You”

The Deal: Iris is Iris Campo, former indie rock drummer turned pop chanteuse. Brand spankin’ new — like, two songs on her Soundcloud new.

Recommended if You Like: Haim, believing in true love, minimal little synthpop jams

8. Grimes, “Realiti”

The Deal: The indie/pop/electronic queen released “Realiti” as a demo in the build up to the imminent release of a new album after a three year wait (!) since the star-making turn of Visions.

Recommended if You Like: Seapunk, Ellie Goulding if she made all her music in a cramped bedroom, pillowy-sounding synths

9. Wet, “Deadwater”

The Deal: Highly feted Brooklyn trio who make moody electro-pop that manages to sound both sad and redemptive. Beautiful and irresistible.

Recommended if You Like: Slow motion scenes in rom-coms, feeling wistful, Portishead, the electronic side of R&B

10. Tove Styrke, “Ego”

The Deal: Yep, another talented pop singer named Tove. Toves are so hot rn. This Tove finished third on Swedish Idol in 2009. “Ego” manages to sound both playful and anthemic. Neat trick, great song.

Recommended if You Like: Falsetto, bubbly-sounding synths, if Robyn was stoned

11. Sofi de la Torre, “What People Do”

The Deal: Spanish singer who clearly likes a slow-burning sophisticated pop gem (also check last year’s overlooked “Vermillion”).

Recommended if You Like: Walking around a city at night just looking at stuff, The Weeknd

12. Major Lazer & DJ Snake, “Lean On (feat. MØ)”

The Deal: Electro-dancehall party starters Major Lazer take some downers and come up with a blissed-out poolside jam.

Recommended if You Like: Drinks with tiny umbrellas, EDM if it was for weed instead of E, when synths sound like they’re underwater

13. Monogem, “Wait and See”

The Deal: The LA-based duo say they make “California-pool-party tunes” and I’m not here to argue. Slow and sultry electro-pop.

Recommended if You Like: Ballads that aren’t cheesy, string lights in backyards, “Only You” by Yaz

14. The Drums, “Kiss Me Again (RAC Mix)”

The Deal: RAC is André Allen Anjos. Even though the RAC album (Strangers) is a great and super underrated pop record, Anjos is primarily known for his remixes (over 200!). Here he refashions a track from Brooklyn indiepop dudes The Drums into a crisp synthpop jam.

Recommended if You Like: Early Depeche Mode, that indie dance night at the bar near your house, having your friend paint your nails black

15. Allie X, “Catch”

The Deal: Canadian that’s Katy Perry-approved. “Catch” is a maximalist, crammed-full-of-production-details stunner.

Recommended if You Like: T Swift’s “All You Had to Do Was Stay,” watching fireworks

16. Harrison, “How Can It Be (feat. Maddee)”

The Deal: Harrison is a 19-year-old kid from Toronto who’s already making sneakily brilliant electronic pop music.

Recommended if You Like: Ryan Hemsworth, skittering percussion, lush-but-cute video game soundtracks

17. TOURIST, “Holding On (feat. Josef Salvat & Niia)”

The Deal: Tourist co-wrote Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” and some of that aching fragility is on display here, although “Holding On” is far more propulsive and playful.

Recommended if You Like: Disclosure, Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be,” swelling and anthemic electro-pop

18. Becky G, “Lovin’ So Hard”

The Deal: The precocious “Shower” diva returns with a cute as fuck bop.

Recommended if You Like: Carly Rae Jepsen if she was funkier, bopping

19. Selah Sue, “Alone”

The Deal: MTV called the Belgian Sue “part Adele and part Erykah Badu,” which is somethin’ else all right. You can hear some of the throaty soulfulness of those two in Sue’s voice for sure. “Alone” is more of a beach party jam than you’re likely to hear from Adele or Badu, though.

Recommended if You Like: The idea of Pharrell producing Adele, sad songs that sound happy

20. The Knocks, “Classic (feat. Powers)”

The Deal: “It was the summer time / that summer high / oh what a masterpiece.” That just about sums up the vibe here. Unabashedly funky and sun-drenched.

Recommended if You Like: Strutting down the sidewalk like you own the damn thing, LEN’s “Steal My Sunshine,” when popsicles melt on your hand but you’re too blissed-out to care

21. Bianca, “Hi-5”

The Deal: Former UK girl group member goes solo and makes a glittering, amped-up, arms-in-the-air pop anthem.

Recommended if You Like: Early Madonna, disco balls, snogging

22. Nero, “The Thrill”

The Deal: Stomping synth anthem from UK trio also seen on the Great Gatsbysoundtrack.

Recommended if You Like: Chvrches if everything sounded even bigger, a film noir if it starred only robots

23. Frankie, “New Obsession”

The Deal: Almost obscenely summery pop from a true California child. Her EP is called Dreamstate named after… well, you know.

Recommended if You Like: Driving in Malibu, Britney Spears at her most playful, getting sand in your car and not caring at all

24. Brandon Flowers, “Lonely Town”

The Deal: Killers frontman goes solo and splits the difference between his Springsteen and ’80s new wave tendencies.

Recommended if You Like: Springsteen if he was new wave, the ’80s, gospel backup singers

25. KStewart, “Keeping You Up”

The Deal: A classic belter. So new she has literally yet to play her first show. “Keeping You Up” is a impossibly peppy and infectious and slinky synth-pop thing.

Recommended if You Like: ’90s diva house, Ariana Grande if she was London club kid, dancing with all your friends in sparkly tops

Here’s a Spotify playlist of (almost) all the songs:

BuzzFeed’s 99 Of 2015’s Best New Songs (So Far)

We recap our favorite pop, electronic, country, rap, and rock for the first quarter of the year. In no particular order.

1. The unabashed swagger of Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD’s spicy, funky “Raygun” featuring DOOM.

2. The sexy, sultry tease anthem by The Weeknd, “Earned It

3. Charli XCX & Rita Ora doing it and doing it and “Doing It” well.

4. The subtle and devastating, subtly devastating “Leaf Off/The Cave” by Swedish smooth crooner José González.

5. The gliding, smooth, danceable “Planes” by Jeremih featuring J. Cole.

6. The punchy, eviscerating “Ego” by Tove Stryke.

7. The melancholic, haunted “Air” by Waxahatchee.

8. The “thank goodness the long wait for their new album is over“-ness of Modest Mouse’s “Coyotes

9. Black Coast’s atmospheric examination of love, “Enough ” featuring M. Maggie.

10. The dizzying “Pendulum” by FKA Twigs.

FKA twigs

FKA twigs

FKA twigs

11. The heart-starting, foot-shuffling bounce of MisterWives’ “Our Own House

12. The studied “NO CAPS” cool of Purity Ring’s “begin again.”

13. Ty Dolla $ign’s “Drop That Kitty (ft. Charli XCX and Tinashe)” is either so bad it’s good or so good it’s bad, but either way we can’t stop listening.

14. Speaking of London, London Richards’ “In Love With Fireis fire.

15. U need to listen to Mikky Ekko’s “U.”

16. Toro Y Moi’s funkadelic “Buffalo.”

17. T. Kid’s “Like This/Do Voodoo” is a giant plume of weed smoke and hip-hop through a Middle Eastern filter.

18. The slow-burn of Alabama Shakes’ bluesy, desperate “Gimme All Your Love.”

19. The slinky, sultry lilt of Jarryd James’ “Do You Remember

20. “King” by dance-happy London-based popsters Years & Years.



21. The plodding and plotting “Black and White” by Staves.

22. Chester Watson’s “” is, sadly, not a stab at a Nü Metal renaissance but worth listening to nevertheless.

23. “Closure (ft. Szjerdene)” by Lapalux reminds us “there’s no rainbow without the rain.”

24. The Earth-rattling funk that is The Suffers’ “Make Some Room.”

25. Soko’s “Who Wears The Pants ??” is delightfully pissy and sick of it all.

26. Missy Elliott proves she’s still got it on her remix of Jack Ü’s “Take Ü There? (ft. Kiesza).”

27. The sexy, -featuring “Lean On” from Major Lazer.

28. Genevieve’s “Colors” is appropriately colorful, a bright blast of pop pick-me-up. “It’s all in your heaaaaaddd!”

29. Ibeyi’s appropriately haunted “Ghosts

30. The brilliantly boastful “Blessings” by Big Sean featuring Drake and Kanye West.




31. HAIM do their best Stevie Nicks impression on Calvin Harris’ “Pray to God.”

32. The sun-damaged pop of “What D’You Say?” by The Go! Team.

33. St. Vincent’s glammy “Bad Believer.”

34. The hazy, lo-fi charm and canned, robotic drums of Laura Groves’ “Dream Story

35. Marika Hackman’s light touch on the intoxicating “Animal Fear.”

36. “Be Lazy” by Skizzy Mars is the musical equivalent of a chill Saturday at home.

37. Allie X’s “Catch” is a breakup anthem for the hopeful.

38. New Jersey rapper Nick Catchdubs’ goofy stoner jam “Wuts That (ft. B.I.C.).”

39. The positively entrancing booty shaker “Dare” by GRRL PAL.

40. “M.O.B.” by Tkay Maidza is the sunny, self-confidence anthem you need right now.

Tkay Maidza

Tkay Maidza

41. Shy Girls’ sultry post-party comedown “Xhampagne (ft. Antwon).”

42. The pop star proof of concept that is “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes.

43. Anushka’s “Kisses” is whimsically upbeat.

44. “I’m A Ruin” is a great disco ballad by Marina And The Diamonds about how ripping someone’s heart out can hurt you too.

45. Britpop soul singer Selah Sue’s “Alone.”

46. Queens rapper Action Bronson’s kooky “Actin Crazy.”

47. Natalie Prass’ clear-eyed throwback “Bird of Prey.”

48. Tala and How To Dress Well’s better-together collaboration “The One.”

49. Tropical house DJ Kygo’s show-stopping “Stole The Show.”

50. The peppy, poppy feet-moving blissfully wistful Florrie, “Too Young To Remember




51. Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett’s crunchy “Pedestrian At Best.”

52. Tobias Jesso Jr.’s plaintive piano ballad “How Could You Babe.”

53. The slam dunk that is Travi$ Scott’s “Nothing But Net (ft. Young Thug and Partynextdoor).”

54. This is not a joke, though it is pretty funny: Madonna feat. Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson on “Iconic.” (It features Madonna’s “iconic” half-rapping.)

55. Pictureplane’s trance-y “Hyper Real.”

56. “First Light,” Django Django’s ominously sweet comeback single.

57. The straight-up sex appeal of Lion Babe’s “Treat Me Like Fire.”

58. Angel Haze gets romantic on “CANDLXS.”

59. Say Lou Lou’s airy “Nothing But A Heartbeat.”

60. Las Vegas rockers Imagine Dragons embrace synths on the soaring “Shots.”



61. Alt-country duo Striking Matches’ guitar-driven “Missing You Tonight.”

62. The tropical self-empowerment of Scooter Island’s “#NOTYOURS (ft. JUNGLEPUSSY).”

63. Reptar’s brassy “Ice Black Sand.”

64. The too-cute for words (as in, there are none) “Sunny Day” by Coyote Kisses.

65. “After Below,” a pulsing instrumental from Trackfinger.

66. Julio Bashmore’s dreamy “Kong (ft. Bixby).”

67. English folk queen Laura Marling’s plugged-in “False Hope.”

68. The twangy advice of Kacey Musgraves’ “Biscuits.”

69. Grimes gets a radio-ready makeover from Bleachers on “Entropy.”

70. Bobby Brackins’ kinda meta party track “My Jam (ft. Zendaya and Jeremih).”




71. Urban Cone uphold Sweden’s power-pop reputation with the impossibly catchy “Come Back To Me (ft. Tove Lo).”

72. The soaring “Hold Me Up” from Australian singer Conrad Sewell.

73. “On To Something Good,” a hopeful country cut from the Pistol Annies’ Ashley Monroe.

74. MNEK’s kitsch-pop remake of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.”

75. The muted “Home” by Heems.

76. The rattling garage rock of The Sonics’ “Bad Betty.”

77. Tori Kelly got an assist from uber-hitmaker Max Martin on the sultry “Nobody Love.”

78. Kendrick Lamar’s unapologetic “The Blacker The Berry.”

79. The straightforward rock and roll of Highly Suspect’s “Lydia.”

80. Carly Rae Jepsen’s irresistible “I Really Like You.”



81. Grime superstar Skepta’s “Shutdown.”

82. Jack Ü and Justin Bieber’s surprising banger “Where Are Ü Now.”

83. “Hold My Hand,” a heartwarming bit of house pop from Jess Glynne.

84. The seductive drone of Warpaint’s “No Way Out (Redux).”

85. Dance pop upstarts Mako and Madison Beer’s anti-breakup jam “I Won’t Let You Walk Away.”

86. COMPNY’s sunny “Lovers.”

87. Field Trip’s psychedelic “Song 4 California.”

88. The hypnotic “Let It Happen” by Tame Impala.

89. Carnage’s turn-up anthem “I Like Tuh (ft. ILoveMakonnen).”

90. The gltichy “JAY Z” from mysterious rap collective Goodbye Tomorrow.

Goodbye Tomorrow

Goodbye Tomorrow

Goodbye Tomorrow

91. Who Is Fancy?’s soulful “Goodbye.”

92. The gorgeous, anthemic “I’m Ready” from Twin Shadows.

93. Clean Bandit’s string-heavy “Real Love.”

94. Drake’s moody “Know Yourself” is perfect for running through the six with your woes (or WOEs).

95. “Push It,” a hard-hitting collab from Pusha T and Swedish producer iSHi.

96. Newcomer Shura’s shimmery “2Shy.”

97. Alxndr London’s spacey”Gunshot.”

98. The lively “Again Animal” from indie-rockers Pearl And The Beard.

99. Sufjan Stevens’ quietly heartbreaking “No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross.”