“Real World” & “Challenge” Star Davis Mallory Releases Tribute Song to Diem Brown

Diem Brown’s MTV family is still in mourning.

One of her former costars just released a new song in her honor.

Davis Mallory, who was on “The Duel II” with Diem and shared a special connection with her off-screen, just posted a track called “Beautiful Girls (Diem’s Song)” online.

“Her passing hit me hard (as I am sure it did many of us),” he continues. “I would love to share this with as many people as possible who loved Diem. I’d like this song to be what ‘Candle In he Wind’ was for Princess Diana.”

“Beautiful girls aren’t meant to die young, they were born to fly, they were meant to run,” Mallory sings in the song. “It’s not the way it’s supposed to be, taking someone like you away from me.”

Proceeds from the track (which can be purchased here) will be donated to Diem’s charity, MedGift.