Weird Al is a Thing Again… Sorta

Weird Al Puts A Handyman's Spin On "Fancy"

Apparently Weird Al is back… Not sure how I feel about this. This week his royal weirdness has dropped a few new tracks.  Watch after the break and let me know your thoughts.

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Michael Jackson’s Xscape– Review

Michael Jackson's Xscape Deluxe Album Cover, 2014I understand that many people will not agree with my opinion and I am OK with that.  I think when artists release posthumous albums there is a time limit.  I always will enjoy a re-release or a live album, but when it has been many years since they have passed away, it is a little creepy.  

Michael Jackson is, without question, one of the greats. The creepy factor not withstanding this album was mediocre Michael.  Yes, it has its gems.  I think Slave to the Rhythm could have easily fit onto one of his previous “Best of” albums. The title track Xscape sounds like it is trying to hard. Michael Jackson doesn’t need to try to be Michael Jackson. IF they sped this song up a little bit it would be better, but its a weird mid-tempo song that just doesn’t work for me.  This all being said. mediocre Michael Jackson is still better than a lot of the stuff out there today.