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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton has been a bona fide hit for more than a year now.  From award shows to fights with certain President Elect’s, Hamilton is almost always in the news.

Today, The Hamilton Mixtape dropped. An album featuring 23 tracks from the show that have been reworked by some of today’s hottest artists.  The star-studded album features contributions from Andra Day, Ja Rule, Regina Spektor, John Legend, Sia, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, The Roots, Chance the Rapper, and Ashanti, along with a pair of original demos by Miranda himself.

Stream the full album below via Spotify.

The Hamilton Mixtape Tracklist:
01. No John Trumbull (Intro) – The Roots
02. My Shot (Rise Up Remix) – The Roots feat. Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz & Nate Ruess
03. Wrote My Way Out – Nas, Dave East, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Aloe Blacc
04. Wait For It – Usher
05. An Open Letter (Interlude) – Watsky feat. Shockwave
06. Satisfied – Sia feat. Miguel & Queen Latifah
07. Dear Theodosia – Regina Spektor feat. Ben Folds
08. Valley Forge (Demo) – Lin-Manuel Miranda
09. It’s Quiet Uptown – Kelly Clarkson
10. That Would Be Enough – Alicia Keys
11. Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) – K’naan, Snow Tha Product, Riz MC, Residente
12. You’ll Be Back – Jimmy Fallon & The Roots
13. Helpless – Ashanti feat. Ja Rule
14. Take A Break (Interlude) – !llmind
15. Say Yes To This – Jill Scott
16. Congratulations – Dessa
17. Burn – Andra Day
18. Stay Alive (Interlude) – J.PERIOD & Stro Elliot
19. Slavery Battle (Demo) – Lin-Manuel Miranda
20. Washingtons By Your Side – Wiz Khalifa
21. History Has Its Eyes On You – John Legend
22. Who Tells Your Story – The Roots feat. Common & Ingrid Michaelson
23. Dear Theodosia (Reprise) – Chance the Rapper & Francis and The Lights

10 Female Indie Song Covers That Are Better Than The Originals

originally posted on BuzzFeed
1. “Somebody that I Used to Know,” Gotye

If you love the melodic and slightly raspy quality of Ingrid Michaelson, then you’ll love this cover. She shows off all of the talents including her wide vocal range and the instruments she plays.

2. “Whatever You Like,” T.I.

Anya Marina will make you completely re-think this song. Her slow and seductive voice will have you really listening hard and send tingles up your spine in the best way.

3. “Somewhere Only We Know,” Keane

I bet you didn’t know that the singer who is famous for a song called “F—- You” could make you sob like a baby. Lily Allen’s quick vibrato and calming voice will bring a tear to your eye and comfort you at the same time.

4. “Seasons (Waiting On You),” Future Islands

Megan Washington is brimming with talent despite living with speech impediment (You’d never guess, though). Her voice is a fun mix of jazz, pop, indie, and a little rock and roll. You never know quite what will come out of her mouth next, but you know it will be delightful.

5. “All the Same,” Sick Puppies

This one is a true hidden gem with under 5000 views on YouTube. Lauren King is an amateur singer who does a phenomenal cover of All the Same, adding a haunting quality to the usually dramatic song. Bonus! She also plays the piano and sings harmony.

6. “Stay With Me,” Sam Smith

Florence is the perfect indie singer to cover Sam Smith because her voice has the same rich, earth quality. But something about her intensity, not to mention her outstanding technique, really makes this cover stand out.

7. “No Surprises,” Radiohead

Slow and solemn, you can really feel every word as Regina Spektor spills her heart and soul all over the the piano. Vocal effects, great timing, and perfectly nailed high notes make this one a winner.

8. “Us,” Regina Spector

Janet Devlin, who was a finalist on the X factor, is adorable youthful with bright eyes, wild Merida-ish hair, and a quirky voice. The cute jumps at the end of her phrases will make you fall in love with her songs.

9. “Lovesong,” The Cure

Tori Amos brings an unmatched intensity to her songs and this cover is no exception. Her breathy voice and the plinks of the piano don’t seem like they’d work but, oh, they do.

10. “Happy,” Pharrell

Louisa Rose Allen (Foxes is her stage name) opens this song in a child-like almost pleading tone but picks it up later on. Her voice effortlessly conveys so many emotions, Like a roller coaster, it’s impossible not to feel moved.

Premiere: Ingrid Michaelson Helps Fans Face Their Fears In “Afterlife” Video

via BuzzFeed

This is what living in the moment looks like.

Earlier this year, singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson’s ode to romantic ambivalence, “Girls Chase Boys,” became her first Top 40 hit on the strength of its infectious hook and sexy, gender-bending video.
It was the biggest song since her breakthrough 2007 single “The Way I Am,” and now she’s back with a follow-up single that sounds even bigger.
Where “Girls Chase Boys” was appealingly aloof, “Afterlife” is the opposite: warm, affectionate, dance-party-friendly. Inspired by her mother’s long battle with cancer (to which she sadly succumbed last month), the song is powerful and life-affirming.
Premiere: Ingrid Michaelson Helps Fans Face Their Fears In "Afterlife" Video

“I had been going through a rough time in my life and needed to write something that would lift me up,” Michaelson told BuzzFeed News. “I wanted to write an anthemic, joyful song that celebrated life.”

For the video, premiering here on BuzzFeed, Ingrid says she aimed to capture the song’s carpe diem spirit by helping fans overcome their deepest fears.
In one particularly moving vignette, Michaelson gives a makeover to a young woman struggling with her gender expression.

“Maeve really amazed me,” Ingrid said of the girl, who was afraid her family wouldn’t accept her for who she really was. “Her transformation into the person who she wanted to be was beautiful. I am so appreciative for all the people who came out to be a part of the video.”

“It’s a song celebrating life. It’s about overcoming any darkness in your heart and choosing to live in the present,” Michaelson said.
Premiere: Ingrid Michaelson Helps Fans Face Their Fears In "Afterlife" Video
Join Ingrid and a few lucky fans in “Afterlife” by watching the full video now.

You can buy her album Lights Out here.