This Day in Music History — August 30

1969 : The Birmingham band Earth changes its name: Ozzy Osbourne announces onstage that the band’s new name is Black Sabbath. The band had played “N.I.B.,” “The Wizard,” “Black Sabbath,” and “Warning.”

1976 : The Notting Hill riots take place in England as black youth clash with police. Members of The Clash are present, and the event inspires them to write “White Riot” as a call for white people to protest with the same furor.

1992 : Nirvana headlines the Reading festival in England.

This Day in Music — August 17

1991 : Nirvana shoots their video for Smells Like Teen Spirit. It was set to look like a deranged pep rally at “Anarchy High School,” and featured fans recruited at a concert two days earlier. The video was a huge hit on MTV and helped propel Nirvana into the mainstream.

1993 : While in therapy, the thirteen-year-old son of a Beverly Hills dentist, Jordan Chandler, alleges that singer Michael Jackson molested him while he visited Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. The resultant civil suit costs Jackson over $20 million, but no criminal charges are filed, with Jackson’s lawyers claiming the family in question had previously attempted to extort the singer.

1995 : Microsoft buys the rights to The Rolling Stones’ 1981 smash Start Me Up to use as the theme for their Windows 95 rollout.

1998 : Santana’s Carlos Santana is awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

2011 : “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” by Katy Perry hits #1 on the Hot 100, making her just the second artist with five #1 singles from the same album (Teenage Dream). The other five-time chart topper: Michael Jackson’s Bad.

This Day in Music History — August 15

1965 : The Beatles play Shea Stadium in New York – home of The Mets. It’s the first time a rock band headlines at a stadium, and is probably The Beatles most famous concert. With Beatlemania in full force, the screaming girls drowned out the band in a less-than-intimate, but very memorable performance.

1991 : Nirvana plays a concert at The Roxy Theater in Los Angeles, where they invite fans to attend the shoot for their first video, Smells Like Teen Spirit, which they are filming two days later. Response is overwhelming, and hundreds of fans have to be turned away.

1995 : Spanish Latin-pop duo Los del Rio release the single “Macarena” in the US. The song inspires a dance craze and huge cult following, staying at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 14 weeks in 1996. The Bayside Boys remix of the single alone went 4x Platinum in the US. VH1 would later call it the “Greatest One-Hit Wonder of All Time” in 2002, although Los del Rio had more substantial success in Spain and internationally.

2000 : David Bowie and his wife, the supermodel Iman, become the proud parents to their first child, Alexandria Zahra Jones. “The couple are overjoyed,” said a spokesman for Bowie. “David assisted in the delivery and he cut the umbilical cord.”

2007 : The Osmonds reunite for the first time in over two decades to perform their 50th anniversary concert for PBS.