Taylor Swift And Lisa Kudrow Sang ‘Smelly Cat’ Onstage And All is Right in the World

For her fifth show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Swift and Kudrow sang a simple, but beloved song of a smelly cat.

Taylor introduced the song, “This singer, she’s only ever played in coffee houses before. She’s never played in a big venue like this so please make her feel welcome. Her name is Phoebe Buffay.”

Watch below

Colbie Caillat Sings ‘Smelly Cat’ At Central Perk


Colbie Caillat is helping to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Friends.” The singer- performed a short version of the “Smelly Cat” at the recently opened pop-up “Central Perk” coffee shop in New York on Friday.  See how she compares to Phoebe’s version