Today, Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” turns 35

Michael Jackson "Off the Wall"

This time was 35 years ago, on August 10, 1979, Michael Jackson released Off the Wall, the album that established him as a grown-up solo superstar and set the stage for his coronation as King of Pop.

Listen Below to some of Mcihael Jackson’s greatest hits.

100th Post Celebration

This mark’s  Good Music Good Life’s 100th post! Thank you for enjoying and sharing the content.  I look forward to 100s more posts so stay tuned. For you dedication, please enjoy this Billboard Top 100 of all time playlist. Let me know what kind of posts you want to see going forward.

Best of Amy Winehouse

Three years ago today, Amy Winehouse passed away.  She was one of the most talented singers of this generation.  Like many of the greats her dark side got the best of her.  Here is 10 of her best songs.  Enjoy

1. “Valerie”

2. “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”

3. “Back to Black”

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